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The Industrial Board of Coffee County manages the development of five industrial parks in Coffee County – The Interstate Industrial Park, The Manchester Industrial Park, The Coffee County Joint Industrial Park, The Tullahoma Industrial Park, and The Tullahoma Business Air Park.  Detailed information on each park can be found by following the links below.

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Available Properties

Coffee County offers two shovel ready Select TN certified sites that are the ideal sites for industries in need of a timely and low-risk solution to their relocation/expansion requirement.  These sites are especially ideal for a data center, aerospace related industry, or other industry requiring high electric power consumption.

The Industrial Board of Coffee County is currently constructing a 100,000 sf shell spec building that can be customized to fit your industry’s needs. >Joint Park Spec Building Data Sheets, Maps, Photos

With buildings available in the Interstate Industrial Park and Tullahoma Industrial Park, land available in the Manchester Industrial Park, Joint Industrial Park, and Tullahoma Business Park, plus additional buildings and sites located outside of our parks, we are sure to have a property excel in meeting your expansion/relocation requirement and ensure future success.

Details on each of our park and properties can be reviewd by visiting The Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) Website or the individual park links above.  To schedule a Site visit Email Ted Hackney or call (931)723-5120.

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